Singapore Historical Weather data from 2017

This project is maintained by wanglongqi


Singapore Historical Weather data from 2017

This repository is directly downloaded from API provided by This dataset is under Singapore Open Data Licence. If you have any doubts, please contact directly.

Sample data collection locations

A smaple of data collection points is as follows (to be exact, locations where data collected on June 1 2017, 000:00):

Temperature Sensors

PM2.5 Sensors

PSI Sensors

Rain Fall Sensors

Relative Humidity Sensors

Wind Direction Sensors

Wind Speed Sensors

Possible issue of the dataset

The data obtained from API comes with metadata at the same time. Keeping these metadata in the dataset makes the size of the dataset much lager. Therefore, they are removed from the dataset. Beware, this may lead to mismatch between metadata and dataset. The metadata presented in the metadata folder is the first metadata extracted from the first record of the month.

If you find any mismatch between metadata and dataset, please contact me for correction.